100+ Guest Events

Booking party entertainment for more than 100 guests? Here’s our full-proof guide to making sure you optimize your party entertainment budget while giving your guests the best experience!

  • Yes, everyone will want a turn. (If you’re expecting 100 kids, it’s a safe bet all of them WILL want something… and so will parents, event staff, and everyone else.
  • It takes time to paint or twist every guest. Even if your artists stick to simple designs, say 2min designs (partial-face painting or 2-balloon sculptures), it still takes each guess a good 1min to get up in line, pick what they want, view their face painting in the mirror…. and that all adds up quickly! (This example is up to 20 kids an hour. See below.)
  • Let us suggest the appropriate amount of time. We’d rather a happy return customer than a quick-buck, we promise! Our goal is satisfaction. For fast designs we can accommodate up to 20 guests per hour, but for the nice stuff (big balloon sculptures or full-face painting) 10-12 an hour is what we suggest
  • You’ll likely want multiple artists instead of having one artist for a longer time. For example, you might want 3 artists of the same type for 2 hours. (Instead of 2 artists for 3 hours.) While this may not seem like it’ll entertain guests for as long, it will cut down on lines dramatically!
  • Don’t do a complicated number or sign-up system. This normally takes too much time: finding the next person, getting them in the seat, and reminding them of the designs available can double or triple the time needed per guest per artist. If they want something, they won’t mind standing around. And watching is half the fun!
  • Make sure the artists’ area has a volunteer or staff person. This is mostly helpful so they can help call up the next person, get the artist water if needed, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to help the artist cut off the line at the end. (See the first point: because this is when parents and adults try to sneak in!) This volunteer helps you get the most out of your artists and make sure your guests have a good experience.

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