Add Temporary Tattoos to Any Party

Temporary tattoos are AWESOME because they’re fast (with the exception of henna) and impressive. You spend less money per guest, which is the best way to measure a party budget.

Here are a few ways we can help you double-up your budget with tattoo combo packages:

  • For birthday parties under 20 kids, add 15-30min of glitter tattoos with your same artist. You’ve already paid for your artist to get out there (which is where a lot of our overhead lies), so it’s a quick and cheap up-grade to keep kids happy!
  • Thinking about doing face painting and balloon twisting, but your party is so large that’s out of budget? Swap one for glitter tattoos, flash tattoos, or airbrush tattoos. They can get done in half the time that face painting or balloon twisting takes, so they tend to be half the price per guest.
  • Treat your mom guests at a birthday party. Add henna tattoos with a second artist while the kids are occupied with the first.
  • Do multiple tattoo stations. For a mixed-age party, henna and glitter tattoos are an awesome combination since everyone over 13 generally prefers henna, and glitter tattoos are kid-friendly. For small parties of under 20, this can even be done by the same artist for no extra charge. Just ask!

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