Face Painting Safety

We love face painting and the joy it brings to kids our parties and events. The only other thing we love as much as face painting is the safety that comes with it. We love all our clients and their party guests and always want to make sure we are providing not only out of this world quality service but also very safe services.

To make sure we’re providing the best and safest face painting to you and your guests here are some of the things we do:

  1.  Using the best and most qualified artists – Here at NY face painters we do our best to provide only the best and safest artists to your events and parties. All our artists are background check and all have a background in childcare, education and or the arts! We even have a few moms who combine their mom super powers with their  face painting skills to make sure all the little kids they face paint have a good time.
  2. Using only the safest face paint! – To make sure all the face paint we use is safe for various skin types we’ve searched for and only use hypoallergenic paints and only FDA-approved make ups (face paint is technically considered make up). Goes on easy and comes right off with water no scrubbing required! Our face paint is water soluble. Just a some water and a little soap and your child’s face should be clean again. If you’re little one is an animal love they will be happy to know we only use cruelty free paints.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean! – Nothing says yucky than using the same sponge of paint on 20+ kids! We use brushes and sponges to apply our face paints and we make sure each child we paint get a new sponge. Our brushes are sanitized between swipes to make sure our paints and the brushes both stay clean. Of course after each party all our used brushes and paint are thoroughly cleans and sanitized.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice! – As we said we love and appreciate our clients and want to provide them with only the best. All our artists meet monthly to discuss feedback, reevaluate their skills and practice new skill they can use to keep bringing you amazing designs and creations.

Your child’s safety is one of our greatest priorities and we make sure to provide clean and safe face paint.

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