Face Paint Volunteers’ Guide

We always get calls asking us to “donate our time” or “provide free face painting”,  so we finally decided to have a conversation about it.  We actually love working for nonprofits, we specialize in it!  But most of these types of phone calls end with a : “I think we’ll just have our volunteers do it.”

We know it can be very tempting to try and get it done for free especially since you’re on a limited budget. Hiring an entertainment company to do it for you can actually help you make money off the face painting! If you really can’t afford to and volunteers are you only option, here are some tips to help you have a safe face painting at your event:

1. Use safe products.

Always make sure you’re using safe products, get FDA approved products, they shuld state directly on the packaging that it’s FDA approved. those are the safest on the market.  Sometimes to save money Volunteers tend to use  acrylics or dollar-store face paint which can lead to serious allergic reactions, rashes, and even scaring in some instances. Acrylics paints usually tend to have  cancer-causing ingredients on them since they’re not meant to be on skin.  Always make sure you read the label, if it says not to use around the eyes, please don’t use around the eyes!

2. Be clean.

Germs, viruses, and worse can be transferred by dirty equipment. Always make sure any sponges you’re using are 1 per person. Make sure brushes are sanitized between uses as to not transfer germs to the paint pallets! Always be safe, have sanitizer on hand and never reuse sponges or q-tips until they’ve been cleaned and sanitized!


3. Know your limitations.

If you can’t draw or have never done this before, get a sign with a few simple words with what you will do: heart, start, letter, or balloons. Often kids have seen full-face tigers, glittering butterflies, and swirly fairies professionals have done at other events. Adding your limitations to the sign will help keep them from getting disappointed and keep your line moving faster.

5. Have a good work set up.

Make sure your work station is set up in a good location. You wouldn’t want the sun beaming into your eyes or that of your guests as you paint their faces. If it’s going to rain make sure you have a tent set up, make sure, you’re hidden from the wind. At the end of the day make sure everyone has a good time and is safe!

Always make sure you’re doing it safely but it’s always safer to hire a professional!

Remember: adding professional face painters to an event actually helps you raise money! We have worked with the Komen FoundationHartford WICC, dozens of soccer clubs, local schools, churches, and volunteer organizations of every sort. Our staff knows how to make sure we are an investment for you (not an expense) and that your guests will leave smiling. Get a quote from us today!

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